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The Thoroughbred Racehorse Owners’ Association (TROA) has questioned the timing of Racing Victoria Stewards in scratching runners from the Darren Weir and Jarrod McLean stables 90 minutes before the commencement of racing at The Valley.

Jonathan Munz, Chairman of TROA, said that owners have been penalised unsatisfactorily by the decision.

“We support Racing Victoria and the Stewards but the decision to scratch horses so late and close to the commencement of racing tonight has inconvenienced people unreasonably and unnecessarily,” Munz said.

Stewards asked Weir and McLean to show cause as to why their licenses to train and own should not be suspended, with the hearing commencing at 4pm on Friday.

Horses from their stables were scratched from The Valley at 4.50pm, just over 90 minutes from the first scheduled race at The Valley. This was followed soon after by their runners being scratched from meetings at Caufield and Kyneton on Saturday.

The show cause hearing has been adjourned to 2pm on Monday.