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Munz, slammed the proposed "Ride Guide" horse tipping service.

"The Jockeys have in the past moaned about lack of consultation from Racing Authorities on various issues but then they go and pull this stuff without consulting with owners, who generally support and try to work with them. It's very disappointing."

"TROA supports the position taken by the RVL Stewards in opposing this concept and I note that this is also the view of the Australian Trainers Association".

"As the Stewards have noted, much of the information the jockeys are seeking to disclose and get an earn on belongs to and is sourced from owners and their trainers. The jockeys are getting information and riding horses in work as part of the process of contracting to owners and trainers to ride their horses in races. It is a major cheek to then try to sell that information and not even have the manners or common sense to discuss it with us first."

"Also, as many people have noted, the information being disclosed for a paid subscription on a Betting Shop's website is not a good look. If information is going to be disclosed to punters by participants everyone should get it and it needs to be transparent. We as an industry have also paid a fortune to establish a multimedia strategy based around to promote racing and participants such as jockeys have an obligation to support that."

Jonathan Munz